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August 10

A New Direction for Personal Computing Has Arrived: but most consumers don't know it! by Steve Carpenter, June 2010 In 1984, John Gage and Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems, announced a slogan for their computer company that a quarter of a century later has become a reality. 'The network is the computer' they said. How profound that this wasn't appreciated then because there were no industry-wide accepted computer standards [...]

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Talking about Hurt and HelpingAs Christians we are called to 'love our neighbor as ourselves' and to 'help one another'. Yet when helping people there often comes a time when you realize that there is nothing you can do to help … even though you are certain things are not as they SHOULD be. Perhaps it is seeing a new bruise on a client that [...]

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April 06

In memory of Seeds of Hope's mascot – Cha ChaA poem for cha cha: From time to time, people tell me, 'lighten up, it's just a dog,' or, 'that's a lot of money for just a dog.' They don't understand the love invested, the time spent, or distance traveled for 'just a dog.' Some of my proudest moments have come about with 'just [...]

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