Seeds of Hope

Neighborhood Center

Register for the BiddefordOpenNet
OR risk being permanently blocked from using it.

BiddefordOpenNet is a free wireless Internet service for low-income/disabled residents.  If you are qualified AND registered you are welcome to use the service! 
However, you must register IN PERSON to be able to continue using it without interruption!

If you have not already registered for the BiddefordOpenNet and you would like continued free Internet, please come in person to the the Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center with the documentation mentioned in the next paragraph.  To make an appointment to register,  fill out the form below OR contact the Seeds of Hope Administrator directly at

Registration is quick and easy!  We just need proof of residence (picture ID or lease or  rent receipt or letter from an agency or utility bill in your name) and proof of income (Mainecare Card or SSI/SSDI benefits letter or unemployment benefits letter or paystubs).  We take a copy of what you bring in and fill out a short form for you.  It just takes a couple of minutes. 

In the future we will be switching to a voucher system ... Only registered users will be able to use the BiddefordOpenNet at all.  We are also teaching Biddeford residents how to secure their wireless routers so there will be less 'free rides' on unprotected wireless networks in the future. 
It's important to register now!

Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center
Open 9am to 1pm, Tuesday through Friday
35 South Street, Biddeford, ME 04005
(Basement level of Christ Episcopal Church)

Contact:  Seeds of Hope Administrator
Phone: (207) 370-4227

If you don't E-mail the Administrator directly you can fill out this form instead.  Please put 'Administrator' in the message and let us know when you would like to come in to register.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

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