News story – A Firm Foundation for Seeds of Hope

As Christ Episcopal Church was preparing to end as a worshiping community a decision had to be made about the use of the building. Seeds of Hope had just become a separate 501 c 3 secular non-profit and wanted to remain in the building since it is strategically located in the downtown community and close to those we serve. Seeds of Hope was unable at that time to take ownership of the building, as it was still creating its foundation as an organization. The Diocese gave permission to Seeds of Hope to remain in the building if we assumed all expenses for operation and insurance and empowered us to offer use of the space for other organizations serving the community. 

Organizations have come and gone, but Seeds of Hope has remained and grown, both structurally and financially. We are delighted to announce that on January 14, 2021 the Episcopal Diocese of Maine transferred ownership of the building to Seeds of Hope. We are excited about the opportunities this will provide. We will keep you posted!