NewsLetter 1

From the Director:

“How do you mend a broken heart?” by the Bee Gees is playing on my radio as I write this inaugural newsletter greeting. It is a question I ask myself frequently. Many of our neighbors have faced down trials that most of us will never (gratefully) understand. While laughter is the most prominent sound emanating from the Center, tears flow as well. So how do you mend a broken heart? How can we help ease the sorrow and isolation that can accompany it?

image1We lend a compassionate ear and we invite the heart to break open into more fullness rather than break apart. When we are hit with a crisis in our lives that causes injury to our soul, we have a choice. We can let the crisis define us or we can choose how we will respond. Sometimes all it takes is being reminded that we don’t have to make that choice or walk that path alone. Seeds of Hope strives to be that place where the hurting can find support.

After years of being one of those people others turn to for help, I have learned that it is possible, indeed it is often likely, that one comes out of a crisis even stronger. A challenge in building that strength is to not let it make us harder; rather, we strive to become more open and tender.

When our heart breaks open, it gives us a greater capacity for healing and loving again. It also increases our ability to have compassion for others. The original meaning of compassion was from the Latin and old French meaning “to suffer with”. We can suffer with another when we have known ourselves what it means to suffer. 

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